Wednesday, September 08, 2010

From Blogging Time to Novel Time

Social history on my bookshelves

The day to get back to the novel has come!  I've been writing background material since 2005, over five years!  I've used some of the books on the shelf in this picture as well as many other titles to put as much social history into my blog as possible.

This blog was always meant to form the historical underpinnings for my novel.  With a great deal of that work done, I've decided to get back to my novel writing - at least for a month or two.

However, the blog is not completely on hold.  As I write, I anticipate that there will be times when I need to scan through my books and paper files for additional information.  If that happens, as I know it will, I will share those nuggets of history and custom with you.  Check in now and then to see.

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